Iain Johnston, podiatrist in Reigate, Surrey

Iain Johnston - podiatrist in Reigate

Iain Johnston qualified as a podiatrist in 1989 with a Higher National Diploma at the Technikon Witswatersrand in Johnannesburg, South Africa.

He spent the next year in the army, doing national service, where he was thrust into treating the troops’ feet problems – a good confidence builder to start private practice in 1990 in Benoni. A year later Iain purchased a practice from a retiring chiropodist and introduced podiatry to the province of Natal. Focusing on podiatric or musculoskeletal podiatry as his main interest, Iain also gained experience in all aspects of foot treatment.

Durban is the home of the Comrades Marathon, which is a monstrous yearly event that involves running from Durban to Pietermaritzburg one year and back the next for the distance of 94km, or 56Miles. Treating these mad runners was a huge part of the practice and hence Iain gained a lot of experience in treating biomechanical problems in runners.

The practice attracted sportsmen and women and children involved in all sorts of sports, and Iain had the privilege of working in a multi-disciplinary environment, encompassing physiotherapy, biokinetics, chiropractic, sports physicians and orthopaedics.

Iain gained insight into alternative health approaches, encompassing reflexology, aromatherapy, kinesiology 3-in-1 systems and Touch for Health and nutritional approaches as an alternative to treating various conditions. This has proven to be useful for those that are willing to look for root causes and fundamental reasons why they have the problems they have.

Iain relocated to Reigate, Surrey in 2003, and has been able to provide all the experience and services that he  learned in South Africa and more. He has since increased his knowledge of dealing with verrucae – Iain now has five different ways to deal with verrucae, depending on the individual case.

Iain attends regular meetings and conferences, keeping up to date on continuing professional development, and always seeks to embrace new treatments that resonate with Iain philosophy in treating feet.

Iain Johnston says, “I look forward to seeing your feet in my clinic.”

“My foot problem commenced about six years ago with discomfort in my right foot and I had to stop running. Also the last nine holes of golf became difficult. Walking was also a problem as the pain gradually got worse. During the past few years I have been referred to three consultant orthopaedic surgeons, including two in the last 18 months. One suggested replacement ankle surgery, the other thought I would benefit from fusing of the mid foot area. Also, during last five years I have also spent over £2,000 on orthotics. Unfortunately there was no real benefit from any of these custom made products. I have never expected 100% recovery but truly believed things could be much better than they were.

I was recommended to meet Iain Johnston by a specialist in South Africa who stated, ‘He is the best there is.’ Iain was thorough in his examination and explanation. He also built the orthotics for me and advised on some exercise. In the last two weeks I can honestly say that I have been able to walk without pain. My foot now feels secure and without swelling or stress, which was the constant situation before. I wish I had met him several years ago.”
Lawrence Cleary. 

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