Tinea Pedis (athletes foot)

This condition manifests in a variety of ways often dependant on the type of fungi that is prevalent in the infection. The most common type of fungi is the Dermatophyte, it commonly shows as an infection between the toes, where there is a lot of moisture, splitting of the skin, smell and itchiness.

It can also manifest as small, red, pustular blisters that crack open and scale off. This often occurs in the arch and the sides of the feet.

You may have the entire bottom of the foot dry and scaly. This is called  ‘moccasin’ infection, as it appears around the foot along the line of where the thick skin ends on the bottom of the feet.

The cause of Athletes Foot has often been blamed on personal hygiene, closed shoes in humid climates, gyms and places where a lot of people use showering facilities.  “I picked it up” is the expression used to find the reason why the infection is there. In most instances of mild infection, it can be managed quite easily with the appropriate topical medication. In other cases where it has become quite wide spread on the foot, it may require Oral medication in addition.

The fact of the matter is, Fungi in its spore form, is everywhere. It is alive and well in most environments. Waiting  for the right conditions to materialise in order to thrive. These conditions may be multiple, but stress, illness, periods of being low, may allow fungus to take hold. Those that have underlying illness, like Diabetes or those with Poor Circulation may be susceptible.  The elderly are particilarly prone possibly do to weaker immune response. Then there are those, who  may not look after themselves very well in terms of diet, habits like smoking, are creating the right environment for fungus to thrive.

Foot strain may lead to sweaty feet, that can encourage fungi to grow as well.

Consult your Podiatrist to find out what can be done to improve this condition.