Hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet)

Hyperhidrosis or sweaty feet has its origins for a variety of reasons. It manifests as excessive perspiration that can be a source of embaressment for those that suffer as it often accompanied by foot odour.

It can lead to maceration (splitting) between the toes which is white moist, peeling skin. It can cause the skin to become pitted, and cratered as the skin remains perpetually moist.

Hyperhidrosis often afflicts teenagers as they pass through puberty, and it probably relates to growth spurts and hormonal changes.

People with feet that tend to pronate or roll inwards, may be suffering from a low grade foot strain that increases heat in the foot leading to excessive perspiration. Those that are on their feet a lot may manifest this, as well as those that are overweight.

Those that wear closed shoes in hot environments are also susceptible, and this type of environment can lead to fungal infections.

The condition may even be more severe where it also manifests in the hands and feet. this may have its roots in diet, nutritional related problems and stress.

The Hyperhidrosis has its roots in excess pronation or foot strain, orthotics may be required to improve function and reduce stress.

Excessive pronation can be controlled with shoe inserts and orhotics. Less strain normally means less perspiration.

Consult your Podiatrist to find out what causes your problem.