Onychomycosis (Nail Fungal Infection)

Nail fungus treatment adOnychmycosis or Nail Fungus is a very common condition where the nail becomes discoloured, white, brown, black and streaky. It can become thickened, curved and ingrown as a consequence of fungal infection.

It is caused by picking up Dermatophytes, Candidas and Moulds in the nail.

Onychomycosis is an unsightly condition that grows painlessly and slowly. People are often unaware of its presence particualry if covered by nail paint.

It is commonly found in the elderly, Diabetics are particularly susceptible, those with poor circulation, smokers, HIV infected people, those with poor diets and deficiency, candida sufferers and stress.

Should the fungus not be treated early, it will proceed to damage the nail plate leading to thickened, discoloured and ugly nails.

Treatment involves a several approaches. In Mild cases regular application of Tea Tree oil may help.

In more resistant cases, Marigold therapy is an extremely effective way with a high success rate as well as being completely natural.

Alternatively there are a host of over the counter medicaments, or one could consult ones Doctor, whom may take a nail sample to ascertain infection in order to prescribe medication. The only problem with samples in the high negative test result, meaning that medication may not be justified without a positive result.

The Podiatrist will clip, drill and clear the nails. Advise on appropriate medication and health.

In some cases the nail damage is so far gone that removal of the nail becomes an option. However, treatment with PinPointe laser is now a popular option.

If the nail is not damaged, removal and allowing to re-grow will return a new nail. This approach is certainly the quickest, but the healing period poses its own questions.