Calf Tears

Calf tears are relatively uncommon in my practice, When they occur they can be bad enough to halt any activity.

Pain, swelling, bruising may be the symptoms of a tear in the calf.

The calf consists of two muscles, the Gastrocnemius which attaches above the back of the knee and the Soleus which attaches below the knee behind the Tibia. Both of these muscles attach as one into the Achilles Tendon and the Calcaneus.

The causes can vary between training too hard on hills, running too fast. Lack of flexibility in the calves may spark off a tear.

Excessive pronation or supination leading to faulty foot mechanics will cause a bowstringing effect on the Achilles, and a snapping action as the calf pulls the heel off the ground during heel lift off phase. Poor muscle conditioning, too much too soon.

Incorrect footwear can contribute, with all the choices today in sports shoes, on could pick up the wrong shoe type for the foot.

Muscle Imbalances, where there are power ratio imbalances between the Anterior and Posterior groups.
Treatment involves rest for about three weeks, as healing will take time.
Physiotherapy to assist in recovery, reducing scar tissue and trigger points.
Biokinetisist to deal with muscle imbalances.
Biomechanical assessment and footwear analysis. Orthotics for correcting function of the foot to reduce bowstringing of the Achilles.