Podiatry conditions relating to the leg

Shin Splints

Shin Splints is a layman’s term for pain that arises in the legs around the shin bone (Tibia) or in the leg. There are three muscles groups that can be involved in this condition. The Medial Group consisting of the Posterior Tibialis, Flexor Hallucis and Flexor Digitorum Muscles, this group runs down the inside or medial side of the shin.

Compartment Syndrome

This condition is often confused with shin splints as the symptoms are often similar. It can arise is any of the four compartments. Compartments are groups of muscles that are contained in a sheath of fibrous connective tissue.

Stress fracture

Stress Fractures can occur in many different sites on the foot and legs. The most common site is along the lower 1/3 of the Tibia. This often follows as a result of shin-splints that have not been managed correctly. When a sportsperson tries to “run-through” the problem.

Calf Tears

Calf tears are relatively uncommon in my practice, When they occur they can be bad enough to halt any activity. Pain, swelling, bruising may be the symptoms of a tear in the calf.

Short Leg

In this case there is a discrepancy in length between the two legs. Leg Length discrepancies (LLD) exist in most people although they may be undetected, and symptom free.