Trochanteric Bursitis (Hip Pain)

This is more common in women of middle age, who experience pain localised to the side of the thigh around the Greater Trochanter. This is the bone that protrudes on the side of the thigh.

A sack of fluid called a Bursae that exists as a cushion between the bone and the muscle becomes inflamed. It hurts when walking and when lying on ones side in bed.

It is more common in those who have excess internal Tibial rotation from pronation, as the femur rotates in tandem, leading to a friction of the Iliotibial Band muscle over the Greater Trochanter of the Femur. Tight Gluteal Muscles may also play a role in this condition.

Treatment involves pain management with anti-inflammatories. Cortisone injections are useful.
Biomechanical assessments to correct foot function with stretching and orthotics assist reducing Internal Femoral Rotation thereby reducing irritation of the bursae.
Stretching exercises are also beneficial.