Hamstring Injuries

This is a common injury in sports that involve speed or sudden movements to speed. The stress placed on the Hamstring muscles is extremely high when one sprints from a stop position.

Any of the three Hamstring muscles may be involved. It consists of the Biceps Femoris, Semi-membranosus and Semi-tendinosus.

The cause of Hamstring tears is commonly blamed on poor flexibility. Muscle imbalances between the Quadriceps and the Hamstrings play a role as well.

One of the least understood causes of Hamstring problems lies in excess pronation. This leads to internal rotation of the Tibia at a time when it should be externally rotating.
It is all about the timing, as the Hamstring assists the knee in extending during running, it will be contracting (shortening) while it is being stretched by the excess internal Tibial rotation.
This will lead to micro-muscular tears in the Hamstring as the forces applied to the muscle are in opposite directions.

Treatment will be identifying the mechanical cause, allocating the correct stretching programmes, insole or orthotic adjustments to reduce pronation and internal Tibial rotation.
Physiotherapy to assist in healing and breaking down of scar tissue.
Biokinetisists to advise on muscle imbalances, strengthening and stretching.