Collateral Ligament Pain

This condition is common in older women as it often relates to collapsing of the arches. As the feet pronate excessively, the knees are forced into a knock knee position straining the Collateral ligament. The Medial Collateral Ligament on the inside of the knee is most commonly affected.

The Collateral Ligaments are straps on the inside and outside of the knee that assist in knee stabilisation.

The pain can arise on walking, and it can be debilitating to the point where walking is very uncomfortable.

Internal Rotation of the Tibia caused by excessive Pronation is the leading causes. The pronation leads to the knee crossing the midline of the body placing stress on the ligament.

Treatment is usually successful when the biomechanical causes are dealt with and the Tibial Rotation is reduced.

Insoles with arch supports and wedges, moulded orthotics are very beneficial in this condition and can take the stress off the knee. Relief can be obtained rapidly with this form of treatment.

  • Stretching exercises are also recommended.
  • Cortisone can assist reducing pain.
  • Knee braces are of little help because the type of mechanical forces that create a Collateral Ligament strain are very strong and will overwhelm a brace.