Biomechanical problems

Everyone has the potential for a biomechanical problem. The reasons behind is are varied and complex. They can involve inherited structural features that predispose the body to movements that lead to strain and pain. They can involve over use where one exercises beyond the range of tolerance and strains a part of the body. They can occur as a result of muscle imbalances acquired through one sided sporting activities. Weight gain and sedentary lifestyles can lead to weakening of our  strength and flexibility, leading to compensatory strain on the feet, legs, knees, hips  and back.

Pain in the body is probably one of the most common ailments seen by Doctors today. And this pain can manifest in all parts of the body. Management of this pain will depend on whom one consults. And will depend on what the Doctor perceives as a cause of the complaint.

The body, when in balance works efficiently and free from stress. But muscle  imbalances, poor tone and strength, flexibility loss , and biomechanical mal-function can lead to aches and pains.

Anti-inflammatories to deal with pain, may not get to the root source of the pain, and may be detrimental to your recovery. As the pain killer will ease the symptoms but not the cause.

One should always be asking “why” do I have these pains, rather than accepting a pill which serves only to fool the brain into thinking that the problem has been solved.

It is no suprise that the pain may recur when the medication has been stopped.

Pain occurs because something is not quite working the way it should in the body.

Pain serves as a signal that something has gone  wrong and needs to be dealt with. Ignoring pain, or not dealing with it in a timeous manner, may lead to the condition being harder to resolve.

The Podiatrist is able to analyse your foot and leg involvement in your aches and pains. The feet can never be disregarded as a force in the postural condition. In this clinic we take a look at the person from bottom to top, integrating foot analysis, exercise programs and insoles. An appreciation of the involvement of the hips and pelvis in leg function and lower back complaints will trigger a referral to the Biokinetist to balance the pelvis and straighten the back.