Common foot conditions treated by podiatrists

Podiatrists treat a number of conditions related to the foot and lower leg. Several other common bio-mechanical problems, like back pain, can also relate to problems in the feet, which affect gait. In this section, we explain all of the most common problems that are trreated at the Footmech podiatry clinic.

Common foot problems

The foot can suffer a number of problems, from skin and nail conditions to bio-mechanical problems. For example, pain in the heel, or heel pain syndrome, is a common bio-mechanical condition,  as is Morton’s Neuroma – a pain in the forefoot and toes from metatarsal difficulties.

Other common foot problems include bunions, dorsal pains, mid-arch pain and pains in the bottom of the foot. Ankle joints also can be painful, with chronic ankle instability being one of the common reasons for that.

Visit the Foot problems section to read about these conditions in full.

Common skin problems in the foot

Podiatrists see a number of skin complaints, from sweaty feet and foot odour to dry feet and verrucae. Cracked heels are very common and we can advise not only on treatment but also maintenance of the skin to protect against cracked heels.

We can also treat athlete’s foot, verrucae and calluses and corns using a variety of options. Ulcers and removal of foreign bodies are other types of skin problem that podiatrists can help with.

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Common toenail conditions

Podiatrists treat lots of conditions that can affect toenails. Perhaps the most common one is ingrown toenails. A similar condition is involuted, or curved, nails. Other common conditions include the build up of callus, thick toenails, black nailor discoloration of the nail.

We also specialise in treating fungal nail infections with laser therapy.

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Common knee problems

Knee problems can be related to issues that can be treated by a podiatrist. Runners, for example, often suffer from bio-mechanical problems in the lower leg, from the heel to the knee. There’s a condition called Runner’s Knee, for example.

We also treat cartilege wear annd tear, ligament pain, hamstring injuries and hip pain. Visit the Knee section to read about these conditions in full.

Podiatry conditions related to the leg

The lower leg can have its own range of problems that can be treated with podiatry. For example, pain that arises around the shin bone, muscle pain and stress fractures. These problems can be related, where a runner might have one of them and then try to run off the problem, causing it to worsen.

Some patients also have problems with leg lenght – where one leg is slightly shorter than the other. Visit the Leg problems section to read more about these.