Client testimonials

Back to running miles again

I visited with plantar fasciitis problems on my left heel last Feb. After treatment, there was some improvement, but my right heel developed the same symptoms around July. I continued to stretch my calves and limited my running and continued cycling. Eventually, around October time the right heel was more or less back to normal and I am now able to run six miles or so without pain and moving back to my previous running levels. As always grateful for your expertise and insights.

Andy Peck

One session solved my Achilles problem

I had two years of feeling pain and hardly walking due to an inflamed tendon. By chance, I ended up in Iain’s clinic.

His treatment and advice have been a miracle, after all that time doing stair exercises and being told by expensive consultants that I just needed to wait more time.

Iain found in only one session the root cause of the issue with my Achilles tendon. I am using insoles, as suggested by Iain, and different and specific exercises, all of this has resulted in an exceptional improvement.

Thank you Iain, I can do my normal and nice walks now and that is thanks to you.

Now walking my dog pain-free again

A friend I walk with once a week had seen me increasingly suffering from my right foot during our walks, and she suggested I go to see Iain.

I liked Iain’s friendly and professional approach. He looked at my whole body rather than just the part of the foot that was painful. He recommended some calf muscle stretches and we had two sessions of muscle rehabilitation and deep tissue massage to help with realignment.

Unfortunately, as Iain had originally suspected, I also needed insoles. I’ve been wearing the insoles for just a few weeks and my pain has nearly vanished.

During our sessions, Iain has also introduced me to the Compex technology which uses electricity to reduce muscle tension, rehabilitate muscles, increase strength…  I’ve bought one of them, and it has become my best friend.

Thank you Iain, you are one of those “magical” individuals we all need.


Not treating one thing in isolation

I had been doing a lot of walking training ahead of a trek adventure in the Andes and I was concerned about sores under the ball of my left foot (blistering and hard skin), which were aggravated every time I walked and I wanted to rectify this before travelling.

Iain explained that normal practice would be to investigate the symptom and address this in isolation (possibly carbuncle treatment). However, he was much more concerned that the foot sore represented a wider problem which was causing a pressure point under my foot.

Having identified a ‘standing-on-one leg’ balance deficiency, slight foot alignment and gait anomalies (associated with age – wear and tear – I have been running for 30 years), Iain subsequently identified muscles that were no longer functioning fully, notably in the calves and gluteus maximus, and suggested some daily stretch exercises to strengthen these.

On my second visit, shortly afterwards, I had developed an unpleasant pain in the rear of my left thigh after a strenuous run and we discussed this and the foot problem. Iain decided on some muscle massaging, manipulation and, importantly, nmes treatment – which is muscular electrical stimulation.

Immediately after this treatment, the thigh pain disappeared and shortly afterwards I set off on a 4 day trek in the high Andes, mostly on rough stone terrain and at altitudes of up to 4,200 metres.

I did not then, nor have I since, experience either the foot sore or the thigh muscle problem.

I thank Iain and commend his holistic philosophy and approach to healing, not by treating symptoms in isolation, but by investigating the root causes and adopting a wider approach to health and well being than is commonly the case. This is clearly ground breaking work.

Gareth Owen

Orthotics helped with Marathon training

Iain, you helped me a huge amount this time last year. Trained hard for the Marathon, with my orthotics in place, for many months but I did make the decision to buy new trainers only two weeks before the Marathon. Not so bright perhaps but it definitely was the right decision. My previous trainers were too tight round my toes and I was so worried I wouldn’t make it round the course in them. I got round with no aches and pains and no first aid. THANKS AGAIN for all you did for me.


Iain knew my problems just by looking at me

I found Iain through a Groupon deal for laser treatment for nails. Having seen podiatrists before and being a daily wearer of orthotics, I thought that I understood my feet. This was not the case. Iain’s first consultation was incredible as he could reel off my problems just by looking at me. Further investigation highlighted problems which I had been left in the dark about by my previous podiatrists. Since visiting Iain, I am out of my orthotics in the main, and wearing suitable summer shoes for the first time in years! I have had a variety of treatments and scans and no one session was the same which I always found interesting. I would highly recommend Iain for his enthusiasm alone as well as his knowledge and experience. My feet and legs have never been happier, thank you.

Cheryl Batchelor, Reigate

Now I can stand on tip-toe easily

I am a long term sufferer from the effects of flat feet with arthritic problems. For the past six years I have been using insoles and shoes supplied by the NHS with only moderate benefit. Following a long flight, this situation was made even worse by badly swollen achilles – a painful and debilitating condition that caused me to seek the help of a podiatrist.

In two months, Iain Johnston has turned my life around through a combination of massage, manipulation, complex sessions, exercises and most recently new insoles and shoes. On my first meeting with Iain I couldn’t even lift my heels off the floor from a standing position and I was in a lot of pain. Now I can walk painlessly and stand on tip-toe easily and repeatedly. I would very definitely recommend Iain Johnston to anyone with foot problems.

Paul Allen

A joy to be walking normally again

I have been seeing a chiropodist for some years now to treat my fungal infection but with very little effect until my daughter-in-law recommended Iain Johnston from Footmech. After assessment by Iain, he started three courses of laser nail treatment which I found pleasantly painless. This certainly worked as all my nails are now looking much healthier and not breaking off. He also recommended proper insoles to straighten my legs. Due to my diabetes, with poor circulation, I had been walking badly in the past. Iain had also massaged my legs to improve my circulation and stabilise my feet. I can now walk comfortably without waddling like a duck. It certainly has been a joy to walk normally.

Pat Harrison-Ball, Reigate.

Persistent verrucae, sorted

My 9-year-old son developed a verrucae about five months ago. Despite keeping it covered at all times, more and more appeared until he had nine. Not only were they on the soles of both feet but he had some on and even between his toes. They were extremely painful. We waged war on them with fortnightly trips to our GP for liquid nitrogen to be applied plus I tried the home freezing therapies in combination with high dose salicylic plasters. Nothing seemed to touch them.

In desperation I spoke to Iain who suggested “needling”. It sounded painful but is carried out under a local anaesthetic on the main verrucae. We were thrilled when the treated verrucae went black and started to shrink within a few days. Soon others followed. Within two weeks three had turned black and shrunk, three had almost disappeared and three had gone altogether.

We are delighted with the results. After months of home treatment which was costing an average of £10 per week, one treatment with Iain was all it took to eliminate the verrucae virus en masse.

Wendy Stevenson, Bunney

Esure letter from Peter Wood

Still running, thanks

I said I’d let you know how I got on with my 50-miler. Well, I rested for the 3 weeks leading up to it. As a rookie long-distance runner I took your comments on board and tried to stretch. And I finished in 11h 40m, still running. Well chuffed, but the lack of flexibility in my feet/ankles meant they felt nicely ‘fused’ for 12 hours after! Still, three weeks on and I’m running again with no particular issues. Thanks for your help, I have no doubt I can provide you a chuckle at some
point when I decide to do something about my flex!

Stuart Hammond

Painless fungal nail treatment

My nail seems to have stablised. There is no more crumbling away of the nail as was starting to happen before, so the cold laser would appear to have worked simply and painlessly.


Giving pain the boot

I couldn’t wait to get out and try the new orthotics and yesterday was the perfect weather for it. Iain said that, being used to orthotics, I shouldn’t need to build up the wear in the same way as a new user, but for various reasons I thought I would take it easy at first: The new ones are of a more robust type and made to a different prescription than I’m used to.

So I aimed to do a few hours to see how things went, and did just 15 miles, which isn’t much by my standards. The orthotics felt fabulous – or rather, I couldn’t feel them, which says it all, really. What I could however sense was the huge difference they were making to my gait, posture and so on.  And no boot issues either – another welcome improvement!

Obviously I’ll need more time and wear to be sure, and I’ll be out again as soon as possible, but even just that one attempt yesterday was so encouraging. I’d reached the stage of still wanting to walk, yet almost dreading it because I was having so much trouble with boot fit, gait or injury – or all three. Now I can imagine being able to forget all those things and simply to enjoy walking again.


Walking back to happiness

I visited Iain Johnston at Footmech because of a pain in my left knee that had left me unable to walk without discomfort and certainly unable to run. Iain prescribed replacement orthotics and a series of stretching exercises. Having followed his advice I can now walk without pain and have even started running again.

This has made a tremendous difference and I can thoroughly recommend Iain. As an aside, at the New Year’s party I told my friends about the new podiatrist that I had found, only to be told, “Oh yes, he’s very good. We visit him.”.

Kevin Armstrong

Marigold magic

“I’d suffered with verrucae on my left foot for some years and had tried a variety of products with no success. I even endured a three-month course of combined acid and burn treatment, which helped, though no resolve was found.

“Iain diagnosed and suggested five possible courses of action available.To reduce the impact of any treatment upon a busy working life, I decided that marigold treatment was worth a try. The results were visible a week later, with Iain being very pleased with the body’s natural reaction. Three further weekly consultations resulted in the all clear.

“I’d never heard of marigold treatment, and had previously disregarded this type of medicine as perhaps somewhat whimsical. However, within four weeks, the treatment had kick-started a natural reaction from the body, and not only had the viruses disappeared completely, the skin had healed to an as normal state.

“I am delighted with the result, and Iain’s professional and quite expert approach. Should you suffer the same – don’t ignore it; there is a treatment available that perhaps, like me, you had not heard about.”

Scott Walker

Heel pain

“I had an incredible point pain in the lower heel of my left foot. The orthotics and two further days on ibuprofen soon stabilised this and I rarely have had any pain since. Bizarrely my right foot, where I had some tenderness in the Achilles tendon area, became more sore and today still exhibits some stiffness after rest, although it is improving slowly.

“I continue to wear the orthotics but don’t do any stretching exercises yet because I am travelling overseas and my early attempts aggravated the healing. When I feel the healing has stabilised and I am home more I will start this regime. Needless to say, I am doing no long walks or cycling.”

Rod Laver

Sporting success

“A very late thank you for the help you gave my daughter Eloise in the summer. The insole has made such a difference and you will be glad to know that she is playing more sport than ever”

Sara Bull

Happy Feet!

“I initially consulted Iain Johnston because I had injured the nails on both of my big toes whilst on a walking holiday. Iain told me I had an uneven gait and wondered how I had managed to walk as much as I do. I enjoy walking but it hasn’t been always a pleasant experience as my balance was poor, my right ankle would swell and I would also experience painful shins. Iain’s recommendation was that I should have a scan of both my feet – I could then see how uneven my tread was – I was quite shocked.

“He recommended that I had orthotic insoles. I cannot believe the difference in the way that I walk! I feel secure – my feet don’t “flap about” in my shoes, no painful shins – neither do my ankles swell.

“An additional extra – he has made me a very nice looking artificial toenail to replace the nail that came off. This will keep my toe looking ‘normal’ whilst the new one grows. Clever man. All in all the best pop into a Podiatrist I have ever made.”

I visited Iain Johnston at Footmech because of a pain in my left knee that had left me unable to walk without discomfort and certainly unable to run.

Iain prescribed replacement orthotics and a series of stretching exercises. Having followed his advice I can now walk without pain and have even started running again.

This has made a tremendous difference and I can thoroughly recommend Iain. As an aside at the New Years party I told my friends about the new podiatrist that I had found, Iain Johnston at Footmech, to be told “oh yes, he’s very good we all visit him”.

Kevin Armstrong