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Buying the right trainers for your feet

Runners in trainers

Aches and pains from walking or running can come from a build up of stress like this – wearing the wrong trainers can exacerbate the problem.

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Nail fungus and laser treatment update

After working with the Pinpointe fungal laser for over a year I thought it was time to put my observations down.

Exercise and biomechanics

Many people wake up one day, realising they need to get mobile. They get more aches and pains, put on weight, and generally feel out of puff.

Functional Hallux Limitus

Functional Hallux limitus refers to a perfectly normal 1st Joint that is not allowed to work like it should.

Severs Disease – heel pain in children

A biomechanical assessment is necessary to establish cause, streching and orthotics may be needed as well as adjustment to sporting habits to allow healing.

Osteoarthritis in the knee

The one approach that is overlooked is functional biomechanics. How the foot and legs work and their effect on how the knee works.

Callus and Corns

The surface layer of the skin consists of high levels of keratin which is a protein that gives it its resilience. The new cells migreate throught the Dermis up throught the Epidermis and eventually they fall off.

Dropped, Dropping, Fallen Arches

You can see how dropped arches can be the fore runner of a whole host of ailments, which unless dealt with correctly can cause much aches and pains.

Verrucae – Plantar Warts

There are perhaps over a hundred varieties of the virus and can grow or manifest in many places on the body, Certain types prefer the feet and they can take different shapes.

What can a Podiatrist do?

I still sense the public, and at times the medical profession does not understand the role Podiatry plays in the health of our musculoskeletal system. Every day I am constantly involved in educating my patients, bringing new insights into the