Now you can treat verrucaes with laser at Footmech

Podylas S30 laser

I have previously written about how I commonly treat verrucae (plantar warts) with marigold treatment. Now I’d like to share an alternative treatment, which is also available at the Footmech clinic in Reigate.

Verrucae treatment with Podylas before and after

Using the new Podylas S30 laser, I can offer laser treatment for verrucae. In two or three sessions, the affected area is treated with the Podylas laser beam. This kills and dries up the root in a painless and unobtrusive way.

S30 PODYLAS is a 1064nm laser specifically designed for podiatry.Commonly used to treat fungal nail infections, its use as a treatment for verrucae and ulcers is now becoming more common.

Before and after verrucae treatment with Podylas laser

Some verrucae are benign, and others volatile. Some spread, some just sit there for years. There is a tendency to pick them up in public places, like gyms, swimming baths, beaches, and the potential to cross infect from family members. They can often appear after having picked up a foreign body, like glass or wood splinters. Some can be uncomfortable if they reside over bony areas of the foot, they can hurt to walk on.

Contact me to find out more about this treatment.

S30 PODYLAS™ is a 1064nm multidisciplinary laser platform specifically designed for podiatry. The system has a long-term laser generator without maintenance costs that allows to treat effectively nail fungus within a few sessions, without side effects or oral medication. S30 PODYLAS™ is an upgradeable laser system with no consumables ideal for the treatment of plantar warts, neurovascular hellomas, intractable plantar keratosis (IPK), minor podiatric surgery and new applications, such as anti-inflammatory therapy, skin regeneration and analgesia.
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