Exercise and biomechanics

In an ideal world, we would be taking our bodies much more seriously. Keeping fit, or putting it lightly having an activity that utilises the body, and challenges it enough to give all the muscle groups a range of use, that involves stretching, and strengthening.

It is very hard to get this from just ‘walking’ or just running, as these activities specialise and do not challenge some areas of the body. Many sports are not holistic enough to challenge the ‘core’ muscles and prevent the possibility of aches and pains in the body.

Many people wake up one day, realising they need to get mobile. They may find themselves getting more aches and pains, putting on weight, and generally feeling out of puff.

Getting back into some sort of exercise can be tricky, as they may already have developed poor posture, tight muscles, and faulty foot function. This can all contribute to difficulties in getting into exercise.

In my clinic, I like to utilise stretching as a part of my therapy. Once I have assessed the foot and leg biomechanics, and used the Gaitscan to give me all the information. I use a series of exercises to loosen strategic muscle groups, this in turn reduces stress on joints and aids range of movement.
As we get older, we get stiffer…and this stiffness, then limits movement which must be compensated for elsewhere. The concepts are really quite simple once understood and applied regularly….and the regularly is the key word. Getting into a habit or seeking assistance in creating that habit.
Insoles, or orthotics are often need with the right footwear to get your legs started on the right path, with less stress and better function. A sensible way to start any exercise regime. Would you take an old car out the garage and decide to go racing without a tune-up?

I like to utilise the use of personal trainers, pilates and yoga instructors…as part of a more holistic approach to improving musculo-skeletal complaints. The Personal Trainer is able to assess your exisiting capability and tailor a routine that gradually builds up your strength and flexibilty, awakening muscles you never knew you had and giving you more balance and composure.

It cannot be emphasised enough the importance of maintaining ones body for the rest of your life.