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Footmech now accepts Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin accepted here

Footmech is now a business that accepts Bitcoin. Pay for your podiatry treatment with Bitcoin and we will give you a 10 per cent discount.

Swift microwave treatment – questions and answers

Swift microwave device

Swift microwave therapy is the latest treatment in the war against verrucae, or plantar warts. Here, we answer common questions about the treatment.

Ankle Instability ‘weak ankles’

I think most of us, at some point in our lives have at least once, experienced and ankle sprain, twist. This can happen to anyone sometime for very little reason than stepping on a stone, tripping off a pavement, a

Do your running shoes match your running style?

Runner pose

Before you buy a running shoe, make sure you know your foot strike pattern. A study published in the Journal of Athletic Training says that runners who like to wear minimalist shoes are not necessarily good at identifying their own foot strike patterns.

The study showed that 57 per cent of runners who wear minimalist shoes correctly identified their strike pattern. This compares with 90 per cent of runners who wear more traditional shoes.

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Now you can treat verrucaes with laser at Footmech

Podylas S30 laser

Using the new Podylas S30 laser, I can offer laser treatment for verrucae. In two or three sessions, the affected area is treated with the Podylas laser beam.

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Treating verrucae with marigold therapy

Marigold therapy

I have been using marigold therapy to treat verrucae for several years, with great results. It can also be used to treat other skin-based podiatry conditions.

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Curved sole shoes are not necessarily good for you

Skechers rocker shoe

Rocker shoes, or curved soles, are said to give good support and help you get fit, but here’s one podiatrist’s view – they can harm as well as help.

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Buying the right trainers for your feet

Runners in trainers

Aches and pains from walking or running can come from a build up of stress like this – wearing the wrong trainers can exacerbate the problem.

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What can a Podiatrist do?

I still sense the public, and at times the medical profession does not understand the role Podiatry plays in the health of our musculoskeletal system. Every day I am constantly involved in educating my patients, bringing new insights into the

Runner’s Knee

The cause of your knee pain can link to a number of factors – too much training too soon is a common cause of Runner’s Knee.

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