Foot muscles and tendons

Most of the foot muscles have tendon attachments on various positions on the foot.

  • The Posterior Tibialis muscle that provides support to the arch and anti-pronation control.
  • The Anterior Tibialis that is responsible for lifting the foot clear of the ground during walking and slowing down the rate that the forefoot meets the ground.
  • The Peroneus Longus also assists the foot in re-establishing an arch, by flexing the 1st ray as the heel leaves the floor.
  • The Plantar Fasciia assists in the arch during heel lift off, and stabilising the arch during pronation.
  • The Extensors help the foot to dorsiflex and raise the toes to help stepping forward.
  • The Flexors help to stabilise the foot on the ground.
  • The Achilles Tendon assists heel lift, jumping and standing on toes.

Foot diagram of muscles and tendons

Foot diagram - lateral

Diagram of the foot – lateral

Every structure in the foot has a unique purpose, and timing in function.

Foot diagram - lateralTiming is what the foot is all about. Should the alignment of the foot and leg be out, the foot muscles are forced to work harder to compensate, which only works to a certain point. Depending on activity, the foot muscles may overwork, leading to breakdown and injury.